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Quicktip: Simple File Based Cache Mechanism in PHP

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Simple, yet effective enough, this is all the code I used to create caching for a feed retrieval to speed up subsequent requests.


Using jQuery to Rewrite Relative Urls to Absolute Urls - [Revisited]

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After scanning my site stats and realizing that an old post about how to rewrite all the relative urls on a page with jQuery was one of my most visited, I decided to review the code and noticed it could be improved. My knowledge of JavaScript and jQuery has improved immensely since that previous post and this revisit is an attempt to improve upon it.

Problem: Need to change all the relative urls on a page and replace with an absolute url.

Different from my other post I’m going to separate the concerns of this problem: 1 being selecting only the links that are relative and not inline or mailto: links; 2 modifying the href.

Selecting the links on a page

The jQuery standard $(‘a’) will only solve half our problem because we only want links that are relative. There are several different methods we can use with jQuery to get exactly what you need, however first take into context what your page actually looks like. You may be able to save some time if your page has relatively few links, on the other hand if you have a page with hundreds of links you will need to chose your selectors wisely. To make the best and most informed decision, I suggest you test your various use cases @ http://jsperf.com/.

Here are three that I came up with:

jQuery Selectors

jQuery Pluginifier - Plugin Instantiator & Plugin Boilerplate

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After coming across a recent blog post on jQuery Plugin Boilerplate code it reminded me a few months back when I was looking at the best method for authoring plugins for use at work. After much googling and trial and error I finally came to grips with something and below is the end result.

The code in the jQuery Plugin Boilerplate blog post is very similar to the plugin authoring page in the jQuery Documentation. While they are both good resources, I think they favor single plugins and may potentially lead developers down a path of duplicate code. Similar to jQuery UI’s $.widget what I want to push here is a snippet of code that can transform your code into a “jQuery Plugin” (is there a real definition of this somewhere?).