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Fixes Are Coming…

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New theme, new color scheme, etc. I’m going to try and work my way back and replace all of my inline javascript stuff with jsfiddle snippets.

If you catch anything I miss feel free to let me know.

I Want to Be a Jkweeree Ninja!

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Below is my entry for Adam Sontag’s contest to win a ticket to the 2010 jQuery Summit. It pretty much sums up as per the spec of the contest, I want to be a jQuery Ninja [while wearing a Devo Whip It hat in jQuery blue :)].

Backing Up XenServer VMs via Command Line

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Quick and easy steps to backup a vm via the command line.

On your host server:

[root@xenhost ~]# xe vm-list
-- Note your vm's uuid here (you can use tab completion to autofill in the uuid so no need to copy entirely) --
[root@xenhost ~]# xe vm-shutdown uuid=x
[root@xenhost ~]# xe vm-export uuid=x filename=/backup/vmfile.xva

It’s that simple.

jQuery 1.4.2 Released

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Such quick turn around for the last two point releases are building my confidence in jQuery! I love to see the huge performance improvements, its almost becoming an issue to try and fit each release into our codebase at work. Love jQuery nonetheless… keep up the good work.

Relase notes: http://blog.jquery.com/2010/02/19/jquery-142-released/

Quick Summary:

Api Changes: http://api.jquery.com/category/version/1.4.2/